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Custom Design Alcantara case
Custom Design Alcantara case
Custom Design Alcantara case
Hyundai N custom design alcantara case BroShop

Custom Design Alcantara case

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Position guide:

Finally! A lot of You have asked and we listened! We present you with an option to customize your belowed alcantara case. We do accept initialstext and logo as well as elements but not regular photographs! There are several examples available

The laser etches everything that has black color. Keep in mind of this when providing image. We cannot do colorful engraves but we will do our best to convert image to black and white, remove background etc.

You may wonder what is that Alcantara material? Simple explanation it is an fabric similar to suede leather but it is completely 100% cruelty-free! ❤️

  • Luxury Alcantara
  • Top Quality
  • Show Off Your Passion

Reminder: This case is hand-crafted so there might be slight differences from the image. The logo will be stamped and not printed 

         Case Comes with a box!

Provided image:

Then we convert all images to black and white, and remove white parts. Our laser only burns black color.

We suggest providing black/white or black/transparent logos. Without any 3d effects for best result. You can ask preview by emailing us as well!